Telosb Sensors – energy efficient for quality wireless sensor networks

There is no doubt; energy efficient sensors add quality to wireless sensors networks. Energy consumption is one of the important factors to consider when shopping wireless sensor networks. Telosb sensors at present are said as one of the most demanding sensors in the market that works with less energy consumption. The sensors are used in developing high quality wireless sensor networks used in the development of monitoring devices. The devices are used in monitoring temperature, humidity, light, sound and more.

Tip: Get monitoring devices made with Telosb sensors to save a lot in energy

High perfection in monitoring



Perfection of wireless sensor networks is so important in assuring accuracy for monitoring purpose. Telosb sensors are developed to assure maximum perfection for the intended purpose and are sensitive to even small changes. The sensors are made for different areas including medical, manufacturing, processing, storage and more units. The sensors with highly innovative features are provided at affordable rates for the development of quality wireless networks.


MTM-CM3000-MSP – 71.00€

Tip: Telosb sensors are one of the most demanding sensors used in the development of wireless sensor networks. provides high quality Telosb sensors and the wireless sensor networks made with these high quality sensors at really affordable rates.

Summary: Teleosb sensors assure maximum quality, energy efficiency and perfection to wireless sensor networks.

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The TelosB and TelosB Mote Wireless-Revolution


MTM-CM3300-MSP – 95.00€

Advanticsys is a SME that specialises in WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks). It does business across 30 countries. The high-quality, consistent options that it has been providing integrators as well as researchers has made it a much sought-after entity in this highly technologically advanced field. Advanticsys technology is used in fields such as Automation, Energy Efficiency and Environment monitoring.

The company has launched wireless sensor devices like TelosB sensors and TelosB Mote. These devices are user-friendly, have a flexible functioning and are hassle-free as well. The TelosB sensors work on the concept of a broadcasting communication system. Essentially, they are transmission tools that transmit information within other compatible, connected devices within the same network.


MTM-CM5000-MSP – 77.00€

There is no need for internet or wired network to operate TeleosB wireless communicative and monitoring devices. These products are so handy and can be fitted it any place where you need it. The wireless products are completely free from the change in climatic and weather conditions. TelosB wireless network comes with updated features including USB connectivity and more to make the data storage simple and easy.

The TelosB Mote is a power-packed wireless transmission device. It is also popularly called smart-dust. It now has a very high performance expansion. This device has a low-power computer as its base, which in turn is connected to other sensors and a radio transmitter that then forms an ad-hoc network. More over the sensors works with less energy consumption and save a lot on energy cost. These sensors track certain measurables like sound, light, stress, vibration, pressure and humidity, position and acceleration amongst others.

Both these wireless devices are highly advanced, low-cost, high performance, unaffected by weather conditions, have a flexible user-interface and are very reliable as well.

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About Author:- Johanna Sophia

Johana Sophia

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Telosb Sensors – Low Power Consumption Sensor Device

All About Telosb Sensors

Thanks to the technological development numbers of sensor devices are introduced in the market.  These devices help us to connect with people anywhere in this world. One such sensor device which is much in demand is the Telosb sensors. It provides the litheness of working anytime from anywhere without any hassle. Apart from wireless network this system works like a broadcast communication system as well. It actually transmits information to all the Telosb connected systems for any information in the group. Advanticsys, is the company which has designed this device will all the latest technology, including 8 sensor channels for high consideration. The sensors come with handy size so that it can be used for any application and anywhere without any risks or problems. The sensors are made with high end efficiency to monitor and react to even to minutes changes.

What Makes It Different From Other Wireless Devices?


MTM-CM5000-SMA – 85.00€

With these Teleosb Sensors it is possible for you to confirm and regulate the time at which you want to send the message to other systems, with the aid of the amid channels. Another unsurpassed feature of this device is the power consumption. As this device consumes less power thus considered as environment friendly also.  As it is upgraded with latest technology thus, is most appropriate for the reliable communication. With this it is possible for you to have an advanced data broadcast with high speed bandwidth verification in reliable mode.With all user-friendly and user interactive features Telosb sensors have turned to be the most effective and economical sensors in the market.


MTS-EM1000 – 53.00€

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TelosB Mote Wireless Network

We have so many wireless network devices introduced in the market for various purposes. These wireless networks allow the user to work from anywhere across the globe and connect to people anytime. In a similar way we have a wireless network device called TelosB Mote. This wireless network is used for wide area of network to connect to people and share information and communication in the organization. TelosB Mote is the modern version of the wireless network which is a user friendly and allows the customers to understand quickly.

  • It has a sensor devices installed which allows the device to automatically sense the data and transmit it to the correct destination in a stipulated time limit. This is one of the best features as why people adopt to this device in modern days.
  • We have total 8 sensor channels installed on the device with high compassion which makes the device more reliable. These sensing devices are used for checking the temperature, antenna, data transmit via radio etc.
  • Consumption of the power is also very low which makes the device eco-friendly and adoptable by all the customers. Minimum use of the electricity is very important for global warming. In such situation this device attracts most of the customers.


MTM-CM5000-SMA 77.00€


MTM-CM3000-MSP – 71.00€

The only thing about this device to keep in mind is we have keep the device away from heat for continuous connectivity to the network. If this device is kept on the left side of the device which has a hot air or fan of the laptop which generates hot air and by keep the device constantly on the left side there are chances of losing the connectivity from the network. This research was invented recently by one of the customers who has faced this issue and to caution we advice all the customers about it.

  • We have lot of companies who provide lot of varieties of wireless networks however in the current market this device is in demand in all the sectors like scientific institutions, research, information technology, social networks etc. with excellent customer service at the top priority.
  • Another advantage of using this device is collision avoidance and prevention in transfer of data from one place to another. These are also used in roadside infrastructure.
  • You can get this sensor wireless network device at branded online stores in India at an affordable price. Organizations across the glob check the sites and buy it online for their business purposes.

MTM-CM5000-SMAMTM-CM5000-SMA 85.00€

AS-XM1000 – 85.00€

Organizations needs can be of different types and for different purposes however understanding the needs as per the requirement and provide them the right and best device for the benefit of the organization is very challenging job. That is what Indian companies do while inventing or manufacturing any device. They understand the pros and cons of the device and do the testing and see to it that it fits in best for the organization. They try to rectify the defects at the period of testing and see to it that they minimize the defects to the maximum.


MTM-CM3300-MSP – 95.00€

Buy TelosB Mote products online at  or contact to us via physical location – ADVANTIC SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS S.L.,C/Isabel Colbrand, 10 4th floor – Office 122, 28050 Madrid – Spain – Phone: +34 91 229 03 93 Fax: +34 91 229 13 67 Email:

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Dynamic Wireless Telosb Mote

In the current technology we have many wireless devices available for various purposes across the world. TelosB Mote is one of the wireless devices available in the market. It is a low power wireless sensor device used to track different things in the environment with the help of the sensors. Example: you have manufactured an electronic toy car using TelosB Mote. When you start the car you can view the scanned image of the car in your computer and see which direction the car is going. Below are few characteristics of the device:


AS-XM1000 – Product Price : 85.00€

The consumption power of the electricity by this device is very low when compared to other wireless sensor devices available in the market.

This device can be easily configured in the system without taking much time. We just have to follow some steps as per the instructions to install the device in the computer.

These sensors are used for tracking various devices like: cell phones, temperature, uncertainty of certain things, solar radiation sensors etc.

We can add as many sensors as we want as per the requirement of the customers or clients.

We have technical customer support available all the time to help the customers or clients from any breakdown time with excellent quality.

We have a meter installed in the system in which you can select how much time it has to be taken to transfer the information from one location to another. Based on the time it will transfer the information or file.


MTM-CM5000-SMA – Price : 85.00€

The cost of the device is much lesser and effective when compared with the other wireless devices in the current market. We can get this wireless device at an affordable price with an excellent quality with a warranty period.

The device is less reliable when compared with other wireless devices in the market for various organizations for different purposes.

Compared with the wire cables connected to different systems in the olden days this wireless device has brought immense satisfaction and real time happiness to many organizations and individuals.


MTS-EM1000 – Price : 53.00€

The most important thing to keep in mind is always keep the device away from heat for continuous connectivity of the device otherwise there are more chances of disconnecting the device from the network due to heat or hot air on the left side of the laptop.

This device is advisable to the large organizations for research or productivity purposes with less cost and more effective way.

We need not have highly skilled people to operate this device as the configuration operation of the device is much easier when compared with the other wireless networks available in the market.


MTS-AR1000 – Price : 162.00€

The demand for the wireless networks are increasing day by day due to the fast growing technology and available resources and upcoming companies who strive to get the best on everything within the reasonable cost.

There are lots of companies across the world that provides quality wireless devices and also advice as to which wireless device will suit your company with cost benefit and excellent customer service.


MTI-USB1000 – Price : 21.00€

Buy Telosb Mote products online at or contact to us via physical location – ADVANTIC SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS S.L.,C/Isabel Colbrand, 10 4th floor – Office 122, 28050 Madrid – Spain – Phone: +34 91 229 03 93 Fax: +34 91 229 13 67 Email:


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